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Using Predicate Delegates and Lambda Expressions in C#
How to cut down the amount of code used to accomplish a task using delegates, Predicates, Anonymous Methods and Lambdas in C#.

Parsing XML With ADO.NET DataSet ReadXML
Multiple ways to parse XML, and DataSet ReadXML is easier than using the XML Document Object.

Use Application Wrapper Class To Access Web.Config Values
Use an Application Wrapper Class to place accessing of all configuration parameters in one place that the whole web application can reference so that you always know where to go to get configuration settings.

ListView Drag & Drop With Auto Scrolling in .NET (Upgraded)
Need to have your ListView scroll while using Drag and Drop? This article shows the code. It's not complex, but the documentation is hard to locate in .NET.

Print Contents of Grid or ListView
I am constantly faced with the requirement to print the contents or selected columns of a DataGrid or ListView. This article presents a description and all of the code for a demo project to accomplish this.

Powerful ToolsComing Soon
NET Refactor is a set of automated tools that allows you to refactor code, reorganize the code of your forms and classes, and generally clean up some undesirable code sequences. It is an add-in for Visual Studio NET that fits seamlessly into the Visual Studio .NET IDE.

NetCommander adds over 50 time-saving features to the Visual Studio .NET IDE, including automatic XML Commenting, Global Bookmarks, and much more.

Net Sessions is an Add-in for Visual Studio .NET that provides a simple and complete methodology for creating, using, and maintaining Session Variables in ASP.NET applications. Net Sessions provides for using one of four supported mechanisms for accessing a Session Variable.

C Sharp Completer
This product for C# developers auto completes common, often used C# code constructs such as, for( ), if( ), else( ),do, while( ), foreach ( ), and function definitions. When the add-in detects that the CSharp developer has typed "if(.....)" and presses the Enter key in the editor, it automatically adds opening and closing curly braces after the return is pressed.

Visual Class Organizer
Visual Class Organizer takes the work out of keeping your VB.NET and C# Code Windows organized. Visual Class Organizer provides a powerful, sophisticated tool to allow you to quickly and easily organize your code into logical groups of code elements, sort them alphabetically, and surround them with Regions.

June 2009

Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio .NET
Writing Add-ins for Visual Studio .NET
by Les Smith
Apress Publishing