File Comparison with ExamDiff

A Long Sought For Tool

by Les Smith

I can't get by without a good file matching program.  I found one this week.  Maybe you have not seen it.  Try it and it is available in Freeware as well as the commercial Pro Version.

Through the years, as a developer, I have found a need for a file matching program.  Obviously, as a user of Viaual SourceSafe, we have a Diff built in, but I constantly find that I need one outside of the bounds of SourceSafe.

While I was searching for a good Diff today, I came upon
ExamDiff.  ExamDiff is a freeware file comparison tool for Windows.  The ExamDiff screen is shown below while comparing files.

ExamDiff Picture

Having struggled with mainframe and Linux based diff programs, which only listed line numbers that differed, ExamDiff is a refreshing and powerful tool.  Just a few of the neat and powerful features are listed below:

1. Toggle between Horizontal and Vertical panes.

2. Toggle between viewing the full files and viewing only the differences.

3. Options, such as, Ignore All White Space, Ignore Case, Ignore leading white space and ignore trailing white spaces.

The version that I have downloaded is free and so far is sufficient for my use.  However, for a more than reasonable price of $35 you can purchase the Pro Version.  The one thing that I would find most helpful in the freeware version, printing of a differences report, is found in the Pro Version of ExamDiff.  You can see the other features by clicking ExamDiff Pro.

I highly recommend that you try this great free tool, and the author of this great product has not solicited this testimonal.

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