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William Ryan

Bill is currently a software developer in Atlanta, GA and helps run .  Bill is very active in the mobile computing world, helping out at OpennetCF and many other Compact Framework Forums.  He was recently awarded Microsoft's
MVP award.   When he has time, he also writes book reviews like this one on Slashdot.

Prior to his current position, Bill has worked extensively in mutliple business sectors including securities, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and public utilities.  For most of his career Bill worked in advanced data warehousing/OLAP and Reporting.  Although he hasn't had a chance to play around with multi-million record Stars and Snowflakes for a while, he oversees a pretty large scale Sql Server 2000 database in his current capacity.

In addition to the Compact Framework and Database theory, Bill spends a lot of time with his other favorites, ADO.NET, VB.NET and C#.  Learning new and cool technologies like Infragistics and Deklarit occupies the rest of his time these days.  Bill has also been asked to sit on Macromedia's Flash Advisory Board and help them with their ASP.NET/Flash integration initiative.

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Writing Add-Ins for Visual Studio .NET
Writing Add-ins for Visual Studio .NET
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